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February 15, 2017 – Toronto, ON

Advanced Opto-Mechanical Systems and Technologies Inc. (“AOMS”) is pleased to announce that it has closed an additional $425,000 in financing on the same terms on which its lead investor, the GreenSky Accelerator Fund I, invested $500,000 in December 2016. AOMS will use these funds to bring its proprietary fibre optic sensor technology to market and to expand innovation through continued product development. Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) co-invested $125,000 through their Market Readiness Customer Creation program and $300,000 was procured through the GreenSky President’s Club, GreenSky Capital’s affiliated angel network.
Hamid Alemohammad, CEO of AOMS: “We are excited to have completed our full seed round, and are now in a position to pursue several target markets and to further expand our product development. We are proud to have received an investment from OCE, and GreenSky Capital and the GreenSky President’s Club were ideal partners for expeditiously raising funds.”

About AOMS:
AOMS has developed an end-to-end hardware/software platform based on a proprietary fiber optic sensing technology for real-time and distributed monitoring of a number of physical parameters such as pressure and temperature in harsh environments. AOMS products enable end users to create a real-time 3D map of measured parameters in a number of applications such as in oil and gas, environmental monitoring, clean technologies, process industries, and infrastructure monitoring. AOMS products have been developed particularly for harsh environments and hard-to-access locations where conventional electronic sensors fail, lose performance, or cannot be effectively deployed.

About GreenSky Capital:
GreenSky Capital is an award winning corporate finance advisory firm based in Toronto, delivering customized financial solutions to small and medium sized technology firms. GreenSky looks for long-term partnerships with high growth potential companies and dedicated entrepreneurs. GreenSky principals bring together a unique combination of experience in technology, law and finance who bring extensive business, finance and entrepreneurial experience into a real-world context.

About the GreenSky President’s Club:
GreenSky President’s Club (“GPC”) is an angel network designed to provide serious early stage investors with better quality deal flow, preferential pricing and increased probability of a successful exit through experienced, professional management.

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Toronto, ON – September 22, 2016

Cyclica, an in silico drug discovery company that offers a novel predictive analytics platform that helps develop better and safer drugs, announced that it has completed a $2.4 Million Series A1 financing. Read more…